Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Recruiting for ICC10 Wed and Thr 8:00 - 10:30 server

We are currently looking for funny and friendly raiders to join us on Wed and Thr nights 8:00 - 10:30 server. Some weeks we sneek in a Tues as well. Presently we are recruiting ranged dps. but love to talk with anyone interested. See Pyite, Geldmesh, or Zilch for more details or email geldmesh at for more info. Also feel free to read our charter to know more of the nitty gritty...

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Our Raid Charter

Want to down the Lich King but have a Real Life to keep up with?
We want to talk to you!!

Wed & Thr 8:30pm CT - 10:30pm CT
Tue 8:30pm CT - 10:30pm CT
(This is an optional 3rd night if everyone is on and available)
Group invites start at 8:00pm CT and we ask that you wrap your individual WoW activities around this time.

Our Raid Charter

Who are you guys?
We are a bunch of working folk that are post college or high school. Many with families. We want to go get together once a week to down some bosses and progress through whatever is the top raid released. (Currently ICC). We maintain a social and friendly atmosphere during the raid that is free of drama. Our #1 rule is respect others. Most of our conversations are PG13. Our current goal is to have LK dead by thr night with enough time to enjoy RL on the weekend.

Being a good raider doesn't mean you can't have a Real Life (RL).

We believe real life comes before wow. Because of this we've purposely scheduled our raids to be no more than 2 and sometimes 3 nights that are out of the way of weekends when you have real life to keep you entertained. Our goal is to keep our raids overstaffed by 2 or so players to accommodate RL interrupts like vacations, sickness, business trips, or the ever killer "spouse aggro".

Why this much mumbo gumbo?

We like to have fun. We like to raid.
We don't want to waste game time to going over a bunch of rules or worse yet drama!
So don't expect us to get all into this nitty gritty while clear trash to our next boss.

Our #1 Rule:

Respect Others. Disrespecting others or immaturity will get you kicked.

Why do bother to have any rules?

We see too many groups break up because they didn't have a clear definition of what their goals were.
Or worse yet have a ton of drama over a misunderstanding that could have been clarified earlier.
Again most of these are cause we want to maximize our fun time.

Whose is charge?
We are governed by a counsel of 7. These are the 7 original charter members of our raid. Should someone step down a successor would be picked based on attendance, longevity, and a track record of working with others.


Late or partial availability

We expect everyone to be respectful of other team members' time and be ready to raid at no later than start time. If you are going to miss a raid or be late, please make contact with another member or decline the calendar invite as soon as you know. We exchange gmail addresses so we can keep in contact out of game as well. If you can't make all nights or partially available during a week we ask that you go on the standby list until we've let all other regular members join. It's impossible to PUG on the last night when you are up against a progression boss.

Continued absences

We asked that you maintain a 80% attendance. Again we only do 4-6hrs a weekly to keep out of the way of other commitments.
If you are below 80% your attendance will be reviewed by the counsel and you may be warned that continued absences may result in losing your raid assignment. Consideration will be given to how much advanced warning the team had to find a replacement. So you should never worry about losing your assignment because you went on a vacation and enjoyed some real sun!

Unnotified absences
Sometimes RL hits us unexpectedly. It happens.
We make every effort to leave some way to let us know.
But when it happens again and again it's disrespectful to your teammates.
3 absences without any notification will be reviewed by the counsel and will most likely result in losing your raid assignment.

Technical difficulties

If you are having difficulties with your pc or internet connection, or your cat wants to sit on your keyboard.
These may be signs it would better you took the week off and let another team member have your spot.
There's always next week.


Because we only have 4hrs and progression gets more difficult toward the back of a raid, we will use extended lockouts on difficult progression.
We currently are not using extended lockouts, but may be in the near future.

Raid Assignments

Perfect what you are good at.

To give ourselves the best shot at progression we want players to stay in the same assignments from week to week.
When an assignment becomes open permanently existing members are given 1st priority to move to a different assignment.

The more flexible the more valuable you are to the team.
To accommodate having to shuffle around do to an absence. We highly value those who make a commitment to the team to be able to fill 2 roles.
Having a dps that can go heals or a heals that can go on his tank can mean the difference between starting and sitting in the city looking for a pug.

Raid Coordinator

This may vary from week to week. But this player is responsible for the game time decisions that may have to be made and may consult the counsel if their is a conflict. But the raid coordinator will try to keep the pace going

Team Leads

In addition to the Raid Coordinator, we have a tank lead, dps lead, and heal lead. These leads may give you special instructions based on your assignment or to coordinate efforts on your subteam.


1 MS Win roll (1-100), Unlimited OS wining rolls (1-100).

We have a master looter that will call for all Main Spec (MS) rolls. Should no one roll, the master looter will call for an Off Spec (OS) roll. Should no one roll on either the item will be DE and kept for guild enchants.

Main Spec (MS)
- This is the spec you start the week's raid in. If you are in dps gear, you can only do a MS roll on dps gear. If you want healing gear you have to wait for an OS roll.

Off Spec (OS)
- This can be any type of gear you can use regardless of spec.

3rd heals / 3rd tank
- If we have a 3rd heal or 3rd tank on a given week. We will announce who they are. These players because they are performing a special assignment on the team they are allowed to pick their MS for the week at the time of drop. This is because we need them equally gearing in both dps/heal or dps/tank.


Keeping pace with your peers
We expect that your dps or heals etc.. is on par with your peers of similar level gear. If your output is regularly 65% or less your peers, you may be asked to work with your teamlead to find ways to improve your output. If your output continues to be an issue we may have to put you on the standby list until the output improves.

Good raid awareness

Stand in poo kills. We need you alive to help us.
Knowing where your healers are and where your tanks are can save your bacon and ours...

Following instructions.

Also the ability to follow instructions is an absolute MUST.
Are you being asked to taunt an add?
Better yet, are you being asked NOT to taunt an add?

We all have our rough weeks. If your having one, take a week off.

Our attendance policy gives you plenty of time to play when you can focus on the raid.
Did the team lead just ask you to stand on the left?
Did they ask you 3x? Are you not sure if you were asked 3x?
Are people asking if you are there on the raid channel?
These are signs we need you to focus more.

Limited AFKs
Our raid is only 2 hours. Heck you sat through Lord of the Rings without 4 breaks.
We typically schedule 1 bio break. We ask that you limit your AFKs out of respect for others.

Additional Software - Addons etc.

We don't have a lot of requirements but the few that we do, we expect you to have.

Required Software

Ventrilio (Vent) - you must be able to talk and hear on vent.
DeadlyBossMods (DBM) - If it could teach a white guy to dance, than it must be good.

Turn Off / Disable Software
- These hurt performance and can cause lag